For your convenience, New Bedford Credit Union's VISA Check card is set up to work anywhere in the world. However, each country and each individual terminal may have their own rules and restrictions. These rules or restrictions would take precedence over our parameters and cannot be overridden by us. When traveling it is always recommended to have at least 2 methods of payment, with one preferably a credit card, to avoid any problems if a card does not work.

These are the daily limits on both the VISA Check card and the VISA credit card:


Type of Transaction

Number of Transaction Limits

Dollar Amount Limits

VISA Check Card

POS (Point of Sale)



ATM (Automated Teller Machine)



VISA Credit Card



Credit Limit


It is a good practice to notify us if you plan to be traveling out of the state or country. Our security monitoring systems, Falcon and Enfact, will be able to approve the transactions without any inconvenience to you based on the travel information you provide to us.


Lost or Stolen VISA/DEBIT or ATM Cards
Call Immediately

(800) 472-3272


Lost or Stolen VISA Credit Card
Call Immediately

(800) 449-7728